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A powerful yet flexible work system decides on how to develop your business depending on your talents and possibilities.

AiYellow bypasses traditional forms of marketing, going directly to customers through Independent Business Owners.

Relationship marketing is now the most effective form of distribution. Person-to-person marketing allows you to share the benefits of the AiYellow independent business opportunity with others, building your own distribution network.

Your income is rewarded not just for your sales, but for the product sales in the organization that you helped create.

Your health, your time, your freedom, and the opportunity to change your life, is all in your hands.

You set your own hours, determine your own income and create your career path!

AiYellow offers its distributors the most innovative and dynamic compensation plan in the direct selling industry.

AiYellow is a powerfully rewarding opportunity!


From 400 % to 950 % profit on direct sales. Record in our industry. Get Paid Instantly.


WorldWide business. Take advantage of the Ai Teamwork


Cash-in on the pioneers advantage. Join the community of AiYellow entrepreneurs.


Take part in this business explosion and start MAKING MONEY NOW !!!

10 ways to earn income.

#1. Product sales
#2. Revenue shares
#3. Triad bonus
#4. Leverage income
#5. Dataclick
#6. Bonuses for star members
#7. E-voucher bonuses
#8. Bonuses for team coordinator
#9. Revenue pools
#10. Global coordinato


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U$D 105,498,532.88

Received by our Affiliates up to now.

*Value obtained from commissions received by our Affiliates of various plans and advert sales.

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